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Internet Portals are among the hottest Internet trends of the day and World Internet Link makes it easy for you to quickly create your own online communities and corporate portals, as well as generate Internet revenues. Our Portal Services offer the ability to create interactive online communities that include work groups with private forums, group scheduling, data exchange, banner advertising, e-commerce functionality and a virtually unlimited number of Web-based email accounts to community members.

Web Communities: Businesses and individuals interested in maximizing the Internet as a communications medium can create a targeted information-based portal. With the Web Communities Service Plan, World Internet Link customers can offer community members Web-based email and Web space. This plan includes World Internet Link's PlusRoamerII and SiteBuilder products, which provide customers with a dynamic and scalable approach to creating Internet portals with enhanced communications functions quickly and easily.

Enterprise Lite: This plan is designed for the entrepreneur or business interested in staking a significant claim in the Internet marketplace. With Enterprise Lite, World Internet Link customers can create their own online mall and resell Web space to third-party vendors, as well as generate revenue via Internet banner advertising. In addition, Enterprise Lite includes all the functionality offered in World Internet Link's Web Communities Service Plan.

Enterprise: The World Internet Link Enterprise Plan embodies all of the services included with Enterprise Lite and Web Communities, but also allows Mall tenants to have a more distinguishable Web presence. This plan allows World Internet Link customers to resell domain names to mall tenants, enabling them to establish an online brand identity.

   World Internet Link's Enterprise Plan takes the online mall concept one step further. In addition to all the services included with Enterprise Lite and Web Communities, the Enterprise Edition allows World Internet Link customers to resell domain names to its mall tenants. Providing a significantly greater value with unique tenant URLs.

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