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World Internet Link makes it easy to do business on the Web. Whether you are just starting out or have complex enterprise-level, Web hosting and e-commerce needs, World Internet Link has the solution for you. We know what it takes to create a powerful and profitable Web site. Our redundant, T3 backbones and powerful dual processor Pentium II servers provide you with the speed you need to reach your target market.

Reliability, flexibility, high performance, and the most competitive prices in the industry will be at your fingertips when you choose the plan that best suits your needs. And you will never find yourself in a bind since World Internet Link Technical Support is available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

E-commerce is the future and World Internet Link has the tools you need to begin generating your own Internet profits. Create your online storefront quickly and easily with World Internet Link's powerful lineup of electronic commerce services and products. Choose one of the following plans and begin selling your products and services on the Web today, all World Internet Link e-commerce accounts are ready to integrate with an online merchant account and gateway for instant creditcard and electronic check approvals.

E-Store Value: Designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses with 25 - 50 products, E-Store Value provides a quick and easy way to create an online commerce site. This entry-level solution includes Miva Order. A single page flexible browser based tool that will allow you to set your store up quickly and easily.

E-Store Lite: Designed for entrepreneurs and small businesses, E-Store Lite provides a quick and easy way to create an online commerce site. This entry-level solution includes Miva Merchant, a powerful application that allows your Web site to come alive with interactivity and the power of XML and CGI.

E-Store: E-Store is designed to provide both small and large businesses with everything needed to create robust, high-volume storefronts. In addition to the features in E-Store Lite, this plan includes World Internet Link's PlusRoamerII and SiteBuilder products, which provide customers with a dynamic and scalable approach to creating Internet-based commerce functionality with greater accessibility and expedience.

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